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Unit 3 – Networking


Online professional communities provide resource hubs which are beneficial to the professional and learning environment. As an educator I am able to access, contribute and converse with many resource providers globally. I gain insight tips from tech savvy teachers with appropriate apps and general trouble shooting inquiries  I also reflect to others (mostly prep teachers) about resources and ipad information so they too, can access information and my experience with such programs.

Whilst I already had a facebook and twitter account, it was predominately used for personal interest. Whilst facebook may have its place within a classroom, I struggle with the image I witnessed recently, where students were messaging and sending photos during a numeracy class. I understand the benefits of educating the students with the intent of preparing them with the knowledge of facebook etiquette and providing them with  a program to also access resources and extend their learning.  Has this been implemented successfully anywhere? Is there a school that incorporates these tools within the classroom yet?

My youngest son’s class has an edmodo account, which we as parents were invited to connect, and together explore information and celebrate student achievements, up and coming events etc.. I have been disappointed with this inclusion.. The only information my 9 year old can access is small chat from his classmates. What they are having for tea, what they think about school, how awesome they are etc.

Facebook is currently blocked at my school and my childrens. My 12 year old son does not have an account yet, although has requested…..

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Unit 2!

Unit 2 has provided me with new tools, practical examples and further knowledge about effectively organising material/resources.

My savior this week was printing out the instructions and sitting them beside me whilst I explored! A great tip from another participant…thankyou!

I have been previously organising material via bookmarking through IE, however, I now realise this is not ideal! Too many bookmarks, no order and no simple format of searching. Evernote seems to be ideal for storing, organising and searching for material. I particulary love how I now have stacks to seperate home and study!

I believe with more evernote practise I will be able to extend my current folders and move all my information into the one program, rather than bookmarks everwhere!

For me Diggo was an issue! I was unable to add to my library?. I will try again and perservere, however it insisted I was already set up but wouldnt allow me to add?.

My workflow and organisation techniques have now been broadened and I am feel confident using evernote, however more time is required for mastery!

These techniques are important as information needs to be ordered and available. My current bookmark system also includes pinterest, where I have saved many resources onto pin boards. I am looking forward to using one program where everything is stored, organised and accessible.

Digital technologies have changed and altered the amount of information available, anywhere and anytime. There is no time or location restrictions, which makes organisation and effective flow crucial. Access to the resources and information is also vital, and having online folders/stacks caters for the vast amount of material. Being able to use other devices to also gain access is very beneficial.

I also use online calenders, alarms and emails to organise myself, my day and my life!

Here is the link to my first evernote post!

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Sharing Evernote file

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IMG_2309I am a primary school teacher working at Timboon P-12 School. I am currently teaching 22 preps students.

My current experience with web 2.0 is very minimal, however I have recently implemented a class blog. I am currently working with the infant department team and utilise all available resources within the school. THis includes the very powerful rsource of teacher aides, resources (within the school and online). Information is sourced from the above resources, online websites, meetings, other school blogs and school websites.

My ultimate goal within this program, is to become equipt with the necessary tools and knoweldge to provide me with the confidence and understandings of new ICT programs.

My term goal is to be able to edit and develop my PLN blog. As I am a current Weebly blog user, I am hoping I will be able to be competent in both programs.

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